Team PlayerPractices a team science approach by leveraging the strengths and expertise and valuing the contributions of all players on the translational science team.

Translation can be thought of as an engineering challenge wherein each member with different skills works in order to advance the project to completion. A well-executed project requires a team to have clearly defined their goals, agreed upon a precise strategy, and maintained open communication before and during the project. For example, just as a relay race or building a submarine requires multiple people working together toward a common goal in exquisite harmony, so too does translation; an individual working in isolation or a team that does not collaborate would (and does) fail spectacularly.

Translational scientists must embrace a team science approach and learn to recognize and value what every member brings to the team. This necessitates a certain amount of humility and recognition that one cannot “go it alone”. One must take into account the objectives and requirements of the person to whom they will handoff a promising biomedical intervention. If one only considers their immediate self-interests in a team setting, the baton will be dropped and patients will be left waiting at the finish line.