Skilled CommunicatorCommunicates clearly with all stakeholders in the translational process across diverse social, cultural, economic and scientific backgrounds, including patients and community members.

This is another meaning of the term “translational scientist”: someone who is able to linguistically communicate their science so that it is comprehensible to stakeholders with a range of scientific and nonscientific backgrounds.

Biomedical translation suffers from a lack of understanding(5) among nonpractitioners who may understandably conflate the burgeoning discipline with the classical study of linguistics, among numerous other misconceptions. Translational scientists skilled in the art and practice of communication are urgently needed to connect with and engage the diverse set of stakeholders in biomedical innovation, ranging from patients and community members to funders and policy makers. Being a skilled communicator requires that one not only be able to speak and write in a language and manner that is comprehended by the audience, but that one also listens with understanding to the needs and desires of the audience.








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