Education and Training

Coordinate and develop programs and resources for educating and training the next generation of translational scientists and other key stakeholders.

Our Publications:

We present an illustrated resource that provides a global vision of the ideal translational scientist in order to encourage the recognition of translational scientists as unique practitioners of an independent scientific discipline, inspire young scientists to pursue a career in translational science; and educate stakeholders about the characteristics of scientists who work in this field.

Highlighted webinars from our partners:

  • EATRIS – TransMed Academy: An open e-learning platform where online courses as well as recordings of webinar series are hosted.
  • NCATS – Assay Guidance Manual online training workshop: The Assay Guidance Manual (AGM) is a free, best-practices online resource devoted to the successful development of robust, early-stage drug discovery assays. NCATS offers an online Assay Guidance Manual training workshop in addition to the in-person AGM workshops held throughout the year. The online training workshop also features experts sharing best practices and expert advice on assay design, development and implementation.
  • TIA – information webinar to profile the expert services and advice available from the TIA consortium.

Programs and resources for educating & training from our partners: